About Me

"Life's too boring if you don't go for anything, ya know?" 

-Jordan Gormley 2017


They called me resilient, but yet, I gave up. They called me a go-getter, but yet, things got to a point where I always took on more than I could handle and then got so overwhelmed that I ended up never getting anything done.

Maybe there’s merit in doing just enough. In finding a sense of contentment in not being a person built up of crazy accomplishments, but instead, just letting myself be comfortable as I am, and then going from there.

Throughout the course of the year after I graduated from High School, I learned a lot about not only what I want to accomplish, but also the joy in just being content at a point where everything isn’t happening all at once. About the importance of prioritization. I’ve learned that it’s not just what you want to do, but what you want to do first. 

In the process, we come across times where we end up messing up so bad that we get back to a state where we either have nothing, or just a point that we’ve accomplished what we had been striving for. A new zero, if you will. Though not all of us are lucky enough to truly start over, and I doubt there’s anyone out there without or regret or two, we reach a point where we just need to accept things for what they are and move forward.

Though I’m still figuring things out and I’m scared to death, after trying regular college life and what I should be doing, I’ve decided to focus on more what I want to be doing. The thing is, I’m still working on figuring out what exactly that is. However, I want this content sense of happiness to last a life time. And to do so, I found that my passions and creative expression were what I found most important regardless anything else.

Real life college just wasn’t for me because with all of the hobbies and side projects I want to pursue, all the time I spent sitting in a classroom began to feel like a hassle. I’m now currently pursuing an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising at Southern New Hampshire University with a minor in animation.

My dream’s to publish a novel featuring the dark sides of humanity’s wants and wishes then turn it into an animated series while combining it together with my online store to sell fan-art and meet fans at panels. However, it’s always been a dream of mine to release a clothing line too. In a way, this blog is just a way to express myself as I go along this awkward life adventure of self branding.

I’m not sure how it’s all going to roll out but, I’ll just keep setting red balloons with every sunset; letting go of all my thoughts and inhibitions at the end of every cycle and see where it gets me. 

Looking forward to sharing this experience with you all as I go!

Emily Truong